Sunday, October 15, 2006

Question and Answer

A comment two posts before this one asks why I'm in New York. Truth be told, a story brings me here. Aired last fall, KBIA's Sarah Ashworth, Kyle Palmer and I produced "What's on the Line?," a 30-minute documentary analyzing the threat from the New Madrid fault line. After Hurricane Katrina, we decided it imperative to look at the most active fault outside California. A little history explains why. In 1811 and 1812, the region was decimated by not one, not two, but three 7-8.0 earthquakes. Seismologists say it's only a matter time before the region rattles again. "What's on the Line" looked at how prepared the region -- spanning from south of Memphis to north of Saint Louis -- is for a major quake. What we found was the fourth most feared natural disaster in the United States could present first responders with colossal challenges and a death toll in the tens of thousands.

Earlier this year, we were informed the documentary won a national Edward R. Murrow Award from the Radio-Television News Directors Association. So to answer the question, I'm here on behalf of the station to accept that award. I am still beside myself.

The trip, so far, has been unbelievably surreal, though that could just be explained by a severe lack of sleep and full agenda. On Friday, I had the pleasure of meeting and briefly visiting with two of the most esteemed investigative journalists in our country, Ed Bradley and Steve Kroft of "60 Minutes."

I've been to New York before. But this trip, despite the jam-packed itinerary, is truly wonderful. Thank you for the interest. I intend on writing a little about the dinner and banquet tomorrow evening.


RWallace said...

Nice pic.

Anonymous said...

August, I just happened to find this blog - and you are HOT! Are you single? Do tell!

Sidney said...

Ya gotta love Ed Bradley's earring! How many men that age can pull that off?